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慈 Baohe Wan (200 Pellet) 保和丸(200丸)

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Product of China

Baohe Wan is a highly trusted herbal supplement that is used in China to relieve the symptoms of upset stomach, acid indigestion, bloating and gas. It also provides support for the health of your digestive system. For many people, it is very effective to help to digest foods more completely and quickly.

This is a famous herbal formula in traditional Chinese medicine to help promote healthy digestive functions and overall well-being.



  • Mature Chinese Hawthorn Fruit (山楂)
  • Pinellia Tuber (半夏)
  • Liu Shen Qu(六神曲)
  • Polyporus Sclerotium (茯苓)
  • Mature Tangerine Peel (陈皮)
  • Mature Forsythia Fruit (连翘)
  • Barley Sprout (麦芽)
  • Mature Radish Seed (莱菔子)

Suggested Usage: 
We recommend that you take eight pills, three times per day.

Not to be used during pregnancy. Not to be taken long-term, in excess of recommended amounts, or by those in a very weakened condition. Chronic (long-term) acid indigestion and upset stomach can be symptoms of disease. If acid indigestion or upset stomach persists, consult your doctor. Not recommended in all cases of bleeding, blood disorders, cough, headache, depleted fluids, ulcerated carbuncles, ulcers, or frequent copious urination. Use caution in cases of acid regurgitation or blood sputum.

Customer Reviews

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Lucy Lu
This product is very effective

I had stomach ache after my breakfast, and it lasted for the whole morning. It is unusual for me because I do not have stomach problem before. At about 1pm, I took 8 pills of this "Bao He Wan", and went to bathroom after about 20 minutes. The pain was disappeared. I feel good now.